Gluten Free

Gluten-free diet? Sounds like have to give-up on all the delicious food.

Whether it being fine dining, casual dining, bar food or even just fast food, it’s not that easy to find a proper Restaurant/Café that has gluten free menu options, But in our cafe that's not the case, We make mouth watering gluten free food. We offer variety of grilled paninis 
(Montreal smoked meat, Double cream brie & Roasted chicken with caramelized onion and much more...), We also offer gluten-free pastas (such as our signature seafood linguine and beef sirloin bolognaise with oven roasted tomatoes), flatbreads, salads and the list goes on... 

Our Chef has very good knowledge about  gluten-free allergy/diet and Celiac allergy..

We provide gluten free options also for catering, Please check out our catering page for our gluten-free catering menu